1.  Cut 2" PVC pipe into a section long enough to reach a minimum 3" below the desired test depth.  The PVC pipe diameter must be 2" to fit our equipment. Samples will be tested in 3" layers.

2.  Sharpen the penetrating end of the pipe.

3.  Drill two holes opposite each other near the top of the pipe so that a metal rod can be inserted as a handle for removing the core.

4.  Pound the PVC pipe into the green.  If greens are old push-up greens pound the pipe as far as it will go.


Figure: Pound 2" PVC pipe into the green. 
Use the metal bar as a handle to remove the core

5.  Remove the core, pack each end with paper, tape both ends with duct tape, and pack cores securely for shipping.

6.  Send samples to:  

Tifton Physical Soil Testing Lab, Inc.
1412 Murray Avenue
Tifton, GA 31794

Phone No. (229) 382-7292
Fax No. (229) 382-7992

A Complete Rootzone Analysis will be performed on a 3" core sample which includes a physical analysis, particle size analysis, uniformity coefficient, organic matter analysis, pH, and USGA recommendations for a putting green rootzone mixture (greensmix).  Cost - $400.00 per layer.  Turn-around time 2-3 days.  Discounts available for multiple samples.