Taking Samples:

Submit a one gallon sample of every material to be tested. Always take a representative sample of the material to be tested. Small quantities of materials may not be representative and can cause misleading interpretations of the results.

Ziploc plastic bags are the preferred container for sending samples. Place about one gallon of the sample into a bag. Place the bag containing the sample into another plastic bag, top end of first bag at the bottom end of the second bag.

For existing greens, take about 10 soil probes with a one inch aluminum or PVC pipe, and sample to the depth of the rootzone mix which is normally 12 inches. Mix the soil in a plastic bucket and place the composite sample into a double Ziploc plastic bag as described. When replacing cups, the soil plug can be used as a sample of existing green if it is thought to be typical of the entire green and typical to a depth of 12 inches.
Sand samples should be taken from several places in the pile in 12 inch probes, mixed well, and placed in double Ziploc plastic bags as described.

Organic materials are usually consistent so a random sample should be representative unless it is thought that the quality of a local product may vary.

Samples should be labeled and easily identifiable. Black permanent markers such as Sharpie work well when writing on plastic bags. Please do not use paper labels inside the container of moist samples, as they usually fragment. Also, do not put moist soils or sand into paper bags. When double bagged, label the inner bag to prevent the writing from rubbing off.

The lab will attempt to use your preferred materials in testing for USGA golf green construction. If there is a choice of materials based on cost, accessibility, etc., send a note indicating your preference, and we will give your preferred materials every opportunity to pass USGA recommendations.

Sending Samples

Samples should be packaged securely in double Ziploc plastic bags inside cardboard boxes. UPS or U.S. Mail usually takes 1 to 3 days to arrive. Express shipping takes overnight if time is of the essence.

Send samples to the following address:

Tifton Physical Soil Testing Laboratory, Inc.
1412 Murray Avenue
Tifton, GA 31794

Phone No. (229) 382-7292
Fax No. (229) 382-7992

Please include the following information with your samples: Company, Contact person, phone, fax, e-mail address, tests requested, and whom to bill. Results are emailed or faxed upon completion of the tests. A hard copy is available upon request.