Tifton Physical Soil Testing Laboratory, Inc. (TPSTL) was established in 1982 to provide the Sports Turf Industry a means of having potential and existing construction materials tested by scientific procedures to achieve optimum physical properties.  The goal of this lab is to provide test results that truly represent the physical characteristics of the material being tested.  The purpose of these tests is to develop putting green rootzone mixtures that meet USGA recommendations for golf green construction and to develop Sportsturf Rootzone Mixes with optimum physical properties for athletic fields.

We are an independent testing laboratory free from any commercial, financial, or other conflict of interest pressures which might adversely affect the objective quality of our work.  Our clients range from some of the most elite golf courses in the world to nine hole municipal golf courses.  We have developed rootzone mixes for athletic fields used in the Olympics to local high school football fields.  We are cooperative and will help you select the least expensive materials to use.

We participate in the United States Golf Association Proficiency Testing Program which is an interlaboratory exchange of samples each quarter to compare analytical values obtained in our lab with those from other accredited labs to determine if our values are consistently within the maximum allowable error defined by the analytical means from all participating labs.  Each day we test, our lab uses an internal standard thats physical properties are well documented by repetition alongside tests of client samples with unknown values to achieve traceability.  Our laboratory equipment is calibrated with NIST traceable standards.  We have back-up equipment to eliminate any down-time.  Our laboratory supplies meet ASTM certification for supplies and materials described in the ASTM methods we use.  Our test reports include the results of the test, the reference of the ASTM methods used, and recommendations, which are provided at no charge.  Tests results are treated as confidential, controlled documents and are kept on file.

The golf club or athletic field always suffers the consequences of poorly constructed greens or playing surfaces, i.e., increased maintenance costs and poor playing conditions.  Where golf greens are constructed that meet USGA recommendations, consistent and satisfactory greens can be more easily developed and maintained.  The USGA Recommendations for Putting Green Construction are the result of years of scientific investigation and field experience and have a successful record in all geographic locations.  According to reports, greens built following USGA recommendations, and are properly maintained, can expect at least 20 years of satisfactory service.  As USGA built greens become older, this figure will likely increase well past 20 years.  Since 1982, TPSTL has developed over 20,000 putting green mixes that have met USGA physical property recommendations for golf green construction in the U.S. and over 100 foreign countries.

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